Markets to More


Markets to More


Are you selling food or beverage products at market stalls? This course will help you get your marketing foundation right from the start, so you can build your business from selling at markets to something much more.

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Markets to more is a six week program designed to guide you through how to set up your marketing and get it right from the beginning. Each week you will receive a video, worksheet and a series of strategies for you to implement that week. By the end of the six weeks you will have a full marketing plan that can guide your business and marketing activities for your first year.

When you sign up the modules become available each week from the course start date. So you can do them at whatever time in that week that suits you. 

The six weeks cover; 

Week one- Gaining Clarity; Asking you to delve a little deeper and ask yourself, Why you want to set up this business, what your business model looks like and how your product will help you get there. Module one also looks into the concept of Your Foodie Friend, helping you identify them and asks the question, Markets what are they good for? 

Week Two- Brand Elements; What the heck is a brand anyway?  Brand is much more than a logo. In this module you are encouraged to think about all the elements of your brand to set your marketing up for success. 

Week Three- Your Story; We go through the process of developing a story to position yourself ahead of your competition. Communicating that story directly to your Foodie Friend. 

Week Four- Your Product; Let's raise the bar on your product and delve a bit deeper into matching its attributes to your Foodie Friend.

Week Five- Presenting your market stall; What should you consider to stand out from the crowd and attract your Foodie Friend.

Week 6- This is a massive week where we bring it all together and start planning out your marketing activities for the year ahead.