People behind the produce

Telling stories is a universally accessible means through which people make meaning.
— Chris Cavanaugh


Is a section in this blog which will collates and disseminates the business stories of Australian producers.

Their stories involve risk, purpose, personality, reason, love, family, community, heartbreak, environmental pressures, wins, losses, developments and adaptability.


Supermarket shelves are filling fast with no name brands and producers are more than ever becoming price takers. Even co-operative brands that were once strong, face uphill battles where price drives, well… absolutely everything.

This does not have to be the way. Across our nation many producers have decided to go it alone. Build brands, add value, control distribution, shrink the supply chain and sell and develop new sales channels with community based outlets and ideas. 

People behind the produce seek them out and publish their stories once a month in this blog.


If I know someone’s background, their personality, what they stand for and like their product, I want to support them, see them do well and prosper. But I don’t know enough people and even the ones I do know, I find it hard to get their products in the one spot.

The aim of this section in the blog is to tell producers business stories and create connections that result in an understanding of provenance and the value that producers create. 

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