How a 'good shirt' made me consider my consumption

My Pop died on Christmas eve, he was 94, not a bad effort. 

We have come a long way in those 94 years. Our country and population are richer in monetary terms. 

These days we are all encouraged to spend and consume things we don't necessarily need or want. With Christmas in our recent memory, I’m sure we can all relate.

Interestingly, looking back on photos throughout my Pops life we could see him in the same ‘good shirt’ used over again, for a 30 year time period. Not a bad effort from the ‘good shirt’ either. 

Small amounts of high quality product can offer considerable reward.

Our challenge in this modern life is to find a balance between advancement and consumption. We try to tread a little lighter, considering our consumption, realising sustainability is the key. 

I spend my time offering communication solutions showcasing the integrity of producers, provenance and product. 

These people have harnessed their talents to create interesting experiences, handmade products and fine food and wine. Adding value with their talent to make a considered contribution to the way we live and enjoy life. 

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