How many people have you cheered for along the way?

After catching up with some old friends and drinking a bit too much I caught an old school cab home the other night, (there is no Uber or Lyft in Wagga yet!). I got to talking to the cabbie. He was an old school driver, who drove cabs part time and did a part time country school bus run during the school year. (I used to love my country bus run into town, it was nice to develop another group of bus friends).

Anyway, the cabbie was telling me about the children who have caught his bus over the years. He was super proud of a boy who caught his bus many years ago and was now a podiatrist.  Another girl he was telling me about was the quite girl, who is now a top pharmacist in the city. He went on and wouldn’t stop, he kept talking about all the amazing children who have caught his bus to school over the years and their achievements. He got me thinking. I would not have expected a bus driver to have been so interested in the children they drive to school. No offence to any bus drivers out there! But there you have it.

It was a nice reminder, there are so many people who have been and are silent cheerleaders in our lives. Sometimes we may not have even realised they are barracking for us on the sideline. If you think about your own life how many people have you cheered for along the way? Imagine if these silent cheerleaders were vocal, we would all feel so supported.

There are plenty of people I'm cheering on at the moment hopefully they can hear my loud cheers. 

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