How to build a better brand

I often see clients in small business struggling with a lack of resources, wondering where to focus their marketing efforts. 

The best solution is to get them to revisit their brand. If they have clearly defined the elements of their brand they can work out what activities sit well and strengthen their brand and what adds little value.  

So what elements of your brand should you define? I’ve put together a guide which you can use.

VISION- Who we want to be

Your vision is your high level thinking. It is the foundation the rest of your brand is built on. Base this on your powerful intuition. Articulate it clearly but make it aspirational and inspirational. 

AUDIENCE- Who are we talking to

You have to know your audience to reach them. Jot down everything you can think of about their purchasing habits, media consumption, where they hang out and what they do. Define as much as you can about them, then you will know how to target your message to reach them. 

And guess what, I don't want you to define a mass audience. This wont help your strategy at all. If you’re a winemaker and you say you define your audience as everyone in a geographic area that drinks wine it isn't going to cut it. The more clearly you can define who it is, the easier it is to tailor your product or service to their needs and desires. 

PERSONALITY- How people describe us

If your audience was describing your brand what would they say? Getting the personality of your brand right can ensure you tailor the language and visual elements of your brand specifically to your audience. Your audience will feel like you are speaking directly to them. Which is what you want.

ESSENCE- Who we are

A series of words or a short phrase that helps define everything you do. The essence captures the heart and soul of your brand. Keep it simple and concise, but make sure it’s also inspirational. This way your audience will be happy to come along for the ride also.

PROMISE- What will we do

When your audience interacts with you what do they expect? What do they count on you for? What is the experience like? How do you make them feel? A brand promise should be stated in one line and will give your audience a reason to believe. A great brand promise can provide an endearing quality that will allow you to differentiate your brand from competitors.


If you have also found yourself running around trying to do too many things in your business, going back to brand will allow you to clear the deck and provide focus on all that you do. 

Spend the time really nutting out the above elements of your brand. This isn't an easy process, it takes time and guts to get it right.

Then systematically go through all your marketing communications, sorting it into what is on brand, what needs tweaking and what needs a complete revamp.

Oh and make sure you include all of your team members. Getting everyone to understand your brand is important. 

I’m sure the results will surprise you. Getting rid of the marketing activities and communications that don't match your brand will provide the focus required to get your marketing strategy back on track. 

If you need help, get in touch, I can guide you and your team through the process.

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