What do you need to consider when opening your farm gate to visitors?

If you're a farmer considering welcoming visitors to your farm. Here are six simple things to consider before you open your farm gate and become a part of the tourism industry.

  1. An authentic experience is what visitors want. Give them the time to understand your product and farm practices. Provide it with consideration and make sure you weave your story into everything you do.
  2. Get the basics right. Signage, water, toilets, rubbish bins, roads, heating and cooling matter. The romance of the country is endearing to a point, make sure you consider your visitors and provide a few creature comforts along the way.
  3. Remember when you’re open, you need to be open. Dedicate the time to making this work. If visitors show up and no-one is around or If you annoyed being interrupted from your day to day then maybe this isn't going to be the right business decision for you. 
  4. You are now in the tourism business. That means you need to be hospitable to people. Personalities matter. If your not a  people person, either get someone else to look after visitors or look at diversifying your business in another way. 
  5. Your local tourism body are your friends. Get to know the staff who look after tourism at a local, state and federal level. They are a resource that can be tapped into to help with all aspects of your tourism business. 
  6. You’re not selling a commodity anymore your selling an experience. The market is competitive, take the time to develop a unique experience, brand and marketing strategy to stand out from the rest.

Good luck with it. Welcoming visitors in to experience your product at your farm will put your passion on display. The energy that comes from you telling your story will be contagious. If you make your experience memorable and fun your visitors will want to spread the word and come back again and again.  

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