What makes up a great experience?

Recently I had the pleasure of lunching at Brae. Located just outside of the small town of Birregurra, in the stunning Cape Otway region. Our group booked in February and in the lead up to our reservation Brae received the gong of Australian Financial Review's best restaurant in Australia. What an amazing achievement. My lunch got me thinking about what makes up an amazing experience and how that could be fostered in any business. Let me be clear here, I’m talking about not just a good experience, but something great, something that will amaze. What it involves is a combination of both customer service and product attributes and a sprinkle of magic. Get the combination right and you will see your business rise to the next level.  

The level of customer service in your experience is vital, recruit people who have a natural talent for great hospitality. They need to be able to read people, acknowledge, put them at ease and anticipate their needs throughout the whole experience. You can teach staff members about your product, it is harder to teach how to be hospitable. That is a quality linked closely to personality, some have it, others don’t. Consider also your staffing levels, making sure your customers have space but are always attended to without them realising. That seamless level between the luxury of personal space and service is vital. Once you have tinkered and got it right, put some standard operating procedures around your customer service to ensure it is easily replicated. Making sure that the SOPs give your staff enough room to move to allow them to tailor the service to the customers needs.

When you are selling a product through an experience you are no longer selling just your product, it is the whole experience that creates the sale. Your product is expected to be impeccable, the extra detail of how you present it and what you present it in is just as important. Selecting stunning glass wear or  handmade porcelain plates says so much about your product and  the level of attention, care and detail you perceive as being important. Also consider the ambiance, what would be comfortable for your customers? What environment can you create which can showcase your product and represent your brand best in? 

Now take a look at your business experience with new eyes. Consider the above attributes of your experience and go and create something great. Something amazing, something that will get your customers talking and allow your business and product to  gain the attention they deserve. Then sprinkle it all with a little magic. 

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