How are your customers feeling right now?

The other night, after the Christmas festivities were over, I dropped my Dad at the train station. I hadn't been near a country train station for a long time and being there reminded me of a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time either. 

I used to have to catch the train back from school, for the holidays and get off at small country station. I had been doing it for a year and there was always no issues.  

Catching the train home at the end of one year though, I ran into a problem. The train slowed coming into the station and I got my bags ready near the door to get off. When the train stopped, my door was not on the platform. The train I was on was much longer than the platform at the station.

I panicked opened the door, flung my suitcase to the stones below and then I jumped. There was little thought, just the necessity of what I thought I needed to do. It felt like I was reenacting a movie. So carefree and impulsive. And I landed on my feet.  Surprising myself that I had not busted my knee as I did it! (My knee is  whole set of other stories). 

I turned around with a bit of adrenaline going through my body and I looked at the train. You know what it did, it started moving forward as if to go. Then it stopped, with the other half of the train pulling up at the station! I turned to mum who was waiting at the station and we both laughed. My movie reenactment was not necessary, but gee it was felt good and I will remember the feeling for the rest of my life. 

When marketing food and beverage products appealing to our target markets senses is so important. Linking the sensory information with emotional responses is even more powerful. Have you considered how your product or experience appeals to your target markets senses and how this in turn makes them feel? What can you change in your business to create the intended response?

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