Are you feeling a little triggered by the change?

It’s a beautiful day in Wagga today. I woke up to rain on my rooftop.

This past week we have been stuck in unrelenting dry heat with dust blowing all around.

Storms are finally passing through and the change is incredible.

It feels so refreshing, listening to the gentle rain and wind pass through our region.

And the smell is delicious. Rain on dust. You know the one, as humans we are wired to never forget it.

Bottle that.



Getting started can feel like the hardest step.

It takes confidence in your idea and a belief that you can achieve the end game.

Sometimes other parts of our life get in the way and our start is delayed.

A delayed start although frustrating at the time is fine, life takes us all on incredible journeys.

Sometimes life has a lesson to teach us before we start.

Along the way we can hit hurdles, lose momentum and forget why we got started in the first place.



Sometimes we need to remember the unrelenting dry heat that triggered the change.

Sometimes we need to open our bottle.

Taste it, feel it and smell its deliciousness.   


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