Markets to More

Next Course Opening September 2018

Markets to More is a six week online program for those who want to attract more customers and grow their food or beverage business into something much more. 

Are you a looking at starting a market stall to sell a food or beverage product and want to get the marketing foundations right from the start?

Or perhaps you have already using markets to sell your product and are wanting to build your food or beverage business to something more.

Let's make 2018 the year you build your brand, attract a loyal following and grow your business.

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Want to build a following of wonderful group of supportive customers who appreciate your hard work, great products and are willing to pay the price required.

Have a product you truly believe in. You have put the time in to grow, add value or create an amazing product.

Realise you need to learn about marketing to be successful and set yourself apart.

Don't want to cut corners. Your willing to put the time and thinking in for the long term.

Need a flexible course which can work around other commitments. As a small producer you take juggling to a whole new level. Business, family, food and friends it's all part of living the dream.  



Markets to more is a six week program designed to guide you through how to set up your marketing and get it right from the start. Each week you will receive a video, worksheet and a series of strategies for you to implement that week. By the end of the six weeks you will have a full marketing plan that can guide your business and marketing activities throughout the year.

When you sign up the modules become available each week from the course start date. So you can do them at whatever time in that week that suits you. When the week has passed you can go back and revisit all the material anytime you like. To get the most out of the material you need to allow three hours each week to do the thinking and work required to get the most out of the course. 

The six weeks cover; 

Week One- Gaining Clarity: Asks you to delve a little deeper and get clear on your intentions. Module one also helps you identify your Foodie Friend and asks the question, markets what are they good for?

Week Two- Brand Elements: What the heck is a brand anyway?  Brand is much more than a logo. In this module you are encouraged to think about all the elements of your brand to set your marketing up for success. 

Week Three- Your Story: We go through the process of developing a story to position yourself ahead of your competition. 

Week Four- Your Product: Let's raise the bar on your product and begin to match its attributes to your Foodie Friend.

Week Five- Presenting Your Market Stall: What should you consider to stand out from the crowd to attract your Foodie Friend?

Week Six- Marketing Plan: This is a massive week where we bring it all together and plan out your marketing activities for the year ahead.

Each week a question and answer session is held in a private Facebook group. In the group you can ask questions directly and   address any issues you have come across that week.   



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Julia Brown



I'm a big lover of small producers.

The ones that I work with have big hearts, strong values and are as connected to the land as they are to the creative process of producing great product.

All of them are characters.

Telling their stories and marketing their products is a privilege. 

I grew up in a big family on a small farm.  After completing a Bachelor of Communications with a major in Marketing I fell into wine marketing and haven't looked back.

I have been supporting small producers of food and beverages with their marketing now for over 15 years. 

I'm also a juggler, with a young family.